The Jammock Is A Hammock For Jeeps That Doubles As A Soft Top

Do you like traveling on the road with your Jeep Wrangler? Make your trips even more relaxing with the Jammock (short for Jeep Hammock). As the name suggests, the Jammock is a detachable hammock that you can attach to the top open area of your Jeep Wrangler. You can set it up over the front or rear seat. Or you can also attach two Jammocks over both front and rear seats. So, what can a jeep hammock provide?

If you want to take a break from the road, you can pull over and lounge on it as you gaze at the beautiful surrounding. You can also lay back and enjoy the sight of the night sky or stop over and relax as you watch the sunset. However, it is important to point out that this jeep hammock should NOT be used while the vehicle is in motion.

jammock jeep hammock bed

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As a hammock, you can entrust your safety with the Jammock. Its matte black panel is made of woven cordura nylon known for its extremely high edge durability. The straps are one-piece tubular webbing and the NRS zinc buckles are resistant to saltwater and corrosion. Altogether, this jeep hammock can sustain a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. It is compatible with all Jeep Wranglers from 1987 to the latest models.

jammock jeep hammock


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jammock jeep hammock lounger


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This versatile jeep hammock can do more than just being a hanging bed of canvas. It can also function as an overhead storage if you need more room to contain your stuff. The Jammock also comes with two free roll bar handles so you can use it as a sling seat off the vehicle. Moreover, you can mount it over between the front and rear seats to serve as a wind jammer. With this high quality hammock, the possibilities are endless. You can get this jeep hammock here. One happy buyer wrote:

“I was looking at this thing for a while… then I finally went for it… and it is awesome! If you own a Wrangler then I have to believe you possess a sense of fun and adventure that is satisfied each and every time you get behind the wheel of your jeep. Well the Jammock is designed to compliment that lifestyle and it definitely delivers.”

Watch the video below to find out more about this amazing jeep hammock