This Swiss Cinema Switched All Of Their Normal Seats With Comfortable Double Beds

We want to feel comfortable as much as possible while watching our favorite movie at the cinema. But with the limited space of the cinema seats, you could only sit upright and nothing more. Furthermore, you’re not allowed to rest your feet on the chair. So you have to rest your feet on the ground for long hours. Luxury cinemas with reclining seats allow movie-goers to comfortably position themselves any way they like. Plus, they can rest their feet on cushy footrests as they lean back in their desired position. However, a Swiss cinema is taking ‘comfortable viewing’ to another level.

Cinema Pathé in the municipality of Spreitenbach, Switzerland opens a VIP bedroom with double beds instead of regular upright seats. Movie-goers can now lie back with feet leveled up as they enjoy watching the movie. The Swiss cinema’s VIP bedroom has 11 double-beds complete with pillows, sheets, and blankets. Well, good luck staying awake throughout the movie. Each bed has adjustable headrest so you can elevate or lower your head posture to find your most comfortable position. Additionally, each bed has a bedside table to make you feel at home. But that’s not all. Access to the VIP bedroom also includes free food and a drink. You don’t even need to get up to get your snacks because a staff will serve it to you. How luxurious could that be?

swiss cinema double-beds

The newly-opened Swiss Cinema Pathé has a VIP bedroom with double-beds

cinema pathe switzerland vip tickets

The price for a VIP ticket is around $48.50. That’s fairly reasonable considering all the comfort and luxury you’ll get to experience. You can still opt for the regular ticket for $19, especially if you think the double-bed is an overstatement. However, you won’t be getting the free snacks and free slippers that come with the VIP ticket.

In addition to the VIP bedroom with double-beds, the Swiss cinema also has other VIP bedrooms with different amenities. This includes this VIP room with double sofas with pillows and side tables. Kids can also experience the VIP treatment in the Children’s Cinema with lots of huge bean bags, a ball pit, and a slide. Each VIP ticket for kids costs $14.

Children Cinema allows kids to play while watching a movie

swiss cinema pathe children area

As expected, the introduction of the double-beds in cinemas raised uncertainty from the public. Naturally, people would be questioning the cleanliness of the beds since this furniture is not intended for public use. But the CEO of Cinema Pathé, Venanzio Di Bacco, assures that the bed sheets are consistently changed after every film-showing. Despite this statement, people on social media are still not convinced about the Swiss cinema’s hygiene aspect. Here are some of the funniest reactions about the cinema’s double-beds:

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Source: Pathé Schweiz | Facebook