Frustrating Situations That People Encounter In Their Daily Lives

Every day, we are faced with trivial troubles such as stepping on gum, tangled wires and awkward texts that can be quite annoying. However, it’s essential to keep your cool and deal with these frustrating situations with the right attitude and a sense of humor. Here is a collection of photos showing frustrating situations people commonly face in their daily lives!

When you cut your nail too short.

This gets me riled up every time.

Game over.

Realizing you bought a pair of boots with different sizes.

When people block the window seats on public transit.

Going home to this after a long day at work.


Why are some people so insensitive?

Mirrored toilet ceilings.


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Washing your hands while wearing a sweater.

Is it really that hard to throw gum in the trash?

Autocorrect – the reason why a lot of relationships don’t work out.

When you need to have an account before you can access a website:

Booked a window seat for my little boy’s first plane ride and this is what we got:

What’s worse than a broken heart.

Every woman’s worst dilemma.

Almost there!

How could anyone do this?

Brand new shoes with some ultra long laces!

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