K9 Cinemas Lets You Bring Your Dog To The Movies And Enjoy As Much Wine As You Want

A movie theater that allows you to bring your dog, what a time to be alive! Located in Plano, Texas, the K9 Cinemas is every dog owner’s dreamland. You can watch your favorite movie on the big screen together with your dog. This dog-friendly movie theater also offers bottomless booze for free. Movie time with your precious pet and free unlimited wine, what more could you ask for?

But what exactly is the cinema? On their website, the movie theater explains that they have a big heart for our furry family members. They believe pets deserve to have a night out with their owners. So, the idea for a movie theater where anyone can bring their dogs came up. For only $15, you get a movie ticket for you and your dog. Plus, you can choose your booze option. You can opt for free bottomless wine or four whiskeys.

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K9C offer day passes from Monday to Friday 12 to 5pm and movie nights on Friday and Saturday from 7:30 to 11pm. Before you take your dogs to the movie theater, you need to learn and follow these 3 major rules. First, each guest can only bring 1- 2 dogs.

Since the ticket is only applicable for one dog, you’ll need to pay an additional $5 for your second dog. Second rule, you’ll need to provide valid papers from your pet’s vet on your first visit to the cinema. If you bring in two dogs, you must show one paper for each pet. Lastly, you must clean up after your pet. Well, the last one should come naturally right?

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Take a Look at This Happy Dog After Visiting K9 Cinemas!

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Texas residents are so lucky to have this kind of luxury. Is there any chance that K9C can be franchised in every city so everyone can have an access to them? Eric Lankford, the founder is planning to expand the company as the movie theater is currently selling equity. If you’re interested to invest, click here to learn more.

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K9C will surely open the door for pet-friendly movie theaters. We wouldn’t be surprised if cinemas for other pets start opening soon.


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Source: K9C Website