23 Annoying Situations Which Get On Your Nerves

People are undoubtedly annoying. Sometimes, products are annoying. The weather is often annoying. Our point is, many things in life are, you guessed it, annoying. However, when it’s not happening to us firsthand, witnessing some of these things can be super amusing. Here we have a list of annoying situations. Take a look!

Some magical force always puts a spoon right below the faucet. Water conveniently splashes all over!

Someone should teach your kids how to open cereal boxes.

When you’re so mad right now and you’ve got homework to finish…but, not really. That’s just how he normally holds his pencil. It doesn’t even look normal!

The technician is trying to mess with the arrangement of stickers.

They forgot to print out the entire video…

Can someone please get this car a proper parking space?

A literal screenshot.

Even mannequins get tired of standing up the whole day.

His brother didn’t know what cassette tapes are, and he thought this is was an iPhone docking station.

Someone forgot to tell them that it was a bad idea to park on ice.

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I’ve never seen a sign so badly made.

When you have to type out links because people give them to you like this…


When trucks start taking over the road.

They had one simple job and can’t even do it right.

Who carries pizza like that?!

She clearly didn’t think about other people who wanted to sit down as well.

A toolbox that requires a screwdriver to open… how can you when the screwdriver is locked inside?

Someone didn’t want this one 80-lb bag of concrete mix and just decided to throw it away…

I’m not sure if I should feel angry at the person or if I should feel sad that he’s clueless…

Every morning, his mother takes one bite of a new banana and leaves it on the table in case someone else would want to finish it.

Grandma didn’t know why the time on her phone was stuck on the same time.