Funny People Who Went Way Overboard With Their Free Will

Living in a free nation has a lot of perks because no one can restrain you from doing silly things. But these people went way overboard with their freedom and came up with these hilarity. We are all witnesses to how our ancestors fought for our freedom. Liberty is indeed hard to earn and attaining it involves a lot of painful sacrifices. And here we are now, enjoying the life of free men thanks to those who stood against slavery and discrimination. People now have the freedom to choose what they want to be. Just take a look at these hilarious people who went way overboard with their liberty.




Selfie stick, you say? How about a human-selfie-stick?

Well, $70 is a fair price compared to the possible cost you’d be spending if your oven burst out in flames and swallows your house on fire.

Invite Cheetos-lovers into this room and they’ll never want to leave again.

Amazing discoveries are made through experimentation. But pickles in my Kool-Aid? I think I’ll pass.

Cheese overload pizza sounds tempting. Since we are free to do whatever we like, why can’t we materialize it?

Freedom of fashion has gotten out of control. How are we supposed to call this fashionable? It may pass as a Halloween costume though.

You shouldn’t ask what’s wrong with her. She just turned into a kangaroo, there’s nothing wrong with that.

People who abused their freedom in a funny way



It’s totally fine to come up with a funny joke. But don’t drag your Mom into it because she’ll certainly make a fuss about it.

Now at least we know what he’ll look like after consuming those 3 packs of cigarette.

Looks like someone planned of adding another floor but they run out of budget so they just leave this stair as it is.

This girl may have some supernatural powers to stab that thing with a straw.

Not cool, dude. Can’t you afford to go to a laundry shop?

Straight and blonde, that’s the newest trend in hairstyle now.

Anxiety comes in many forms. Cups living on the edge is this guy’s anxiety and someone keeps on torturing him.