Did You Know There’s A Tropical Island You Can Visit Filled With Rescue Puppies

Located in Saltmills Plaza in the Grace Bay area of Providenciales is a rescue center called Potcake Place. No, this isn’t some sort of a cake shop or a pastry store. For those who don’t know, a potcake dog is a mixed breed of canine found on several Caribbean islands. This also includes the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. Every year, the number of stray potcake dogs keeps on increasing. For this reason, Potcake Place embarks on a mission to reduce the number of homeless potcakes on the island. In order to make it happen, the organization has to find a way to encourage people to meet and mingle with the rescue puppies.

potcake place rescue puppies

Since the island is surrounded by beautiful beaches, the Potcake Place K9 Rescue Center allowed visitors to walk rescue puppies and adopt them for a day. Visitors could visit the animal shelter and take a rescue puppy out for a walk along the beach. Because seriously, no one is more ideal as a companion than a cute dog. Imagine yourself walking along a pristine beach with an adorable potcake pup. That would be a total bliss. Then after a blissful day with the puppy, you can simply return it back to the rescue shelter. No strings attached.

potcake place take rescue puppies for a walk

Potcake Place allows visitors to take a rescue puppy out for a walk and adopt it for a day


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 But what if you fall in love with the puppy and decide to adopt it for good? Well, that’s exactly the main goal for this idea. Besides, the Potcake Place would be more than happy if you give these rescue puppies a loving home. However, take note that adoption is not obligatory when you ask to take a puppy out for a walk for a day. The rescue center came up with this idea so the homeless puppies can get along with different people. When they become used to people, these puppies can easily fit in a loving family in the future.

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potcake place take rescue puppies providenciales


potcake place rescue puppies for adoption

If you’re seriously considering about adopting rescue potcake dogs, you may check out the Potcake Place website to see the list of puppies up for adoption. But aside from adoption, you can also show your support by means of donation, financially or in-kind. Due to its increasing number of residents, the animal shelter would need more essential items to take care of them all. Goods such as puppy pee pads, pet carriers, food bowls, towels, laundry pods, waterproof aprons, and disposable gloves would be highly appreciated. The rescue shelter also accepts medicines for dogs such as Nexgard and dewormers.

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