Artist Krista Decor Uses Tulle Embroidery To Make Her Beautiful Art Appear Like It’s Floating

Tulle embroidery involves stitching thread onto a see-through fabric to make it look like the embroidery is floating in mid-air. Modern embroidery artists are coming up with their own revolutionary style of embroidery. From 3D embroidery that looks so realistic to the application of embroidery for pottery restoration, there’s no limit to this craft. Conventional embroidery typically involves the use of standard materials such as thread, needle, and fabric. Over the years, artists have employed different types of threads or yarns to achieve optimum result. But the type of fabric they use remains the same. Although embroidery fabrics come in various thread counts, these materials are commonly made of cotton or linen. However, a Russian embroidery artist found a new way to make unique embroidery that is like no other. Instead of using cotton fabric, Krista Decor uses tulle fabric.

krista decor tulle embroidery

Intricate designs stitched onto see-through fabric

tulle embroidery flowers


tulle embroidery

Tulle is a fine mesh fabric with a translucent appearance. This fabric is most commonly used in making wedding veils and wedding gowns due to its shimmering and net-like quality. So, Krista thought of incorporating this translucent material into her craft. During her internship at Valentin Yudashkin fashion house, she worked with other haute couture designers to make tulle embroidery. Most of her creations depict autumn leaves, flowers, and birds. She stitches colorful threads of different textures and thickness onto the tulle fabric. Then she adds beads, pearls, and silk ribbons to embellish her designs.

Tulle embroidery makes the stitches appear to be floating in mid-air

tulle embroidery autumn leaves


tulle embroidery krista decor

Japanese-inspired design features red-crowned cranes and sakura flowers

tulle embroidery birds flowers


kirsta decor stitches onto tulle


krista decor bird embroidery

Beads, pearls, and natural stones for embellishments

krista decor beads embroidery


tulle embroidery embellishments

The result is a beautiful work of art, making the exquisite stitches appear like they’re floating in air. Check out Krista Decor’s Instagram page to see her latest works on tulle embroidery.

Source: Krista Decor | Instagram