Man Spots Moose Family Chilling In His Backyard So He Decides To Document It

Uninvited guests can either make or break your day. Luckily, it was the former for Roland Rydstrom, a resident from Anchorage, Alaska. Apparently, a mother moose together with her two calves decided to pay Rydstrom’s backyard a visit. And as if that weren’t enough to brighten up his day, the family even ended up spending the rest of their day there!

Of course, this adorable view prompted Rydstrom to snap a few shots and share them online. His Facebook post went viral in an instant, garnering over 60K reactions and 94K shares to date. This only goes to show that people are in need of some cute content amidst these stressful times.



Here is the Facebook Post

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Rydstrom has been working from home for nearly three months now. However, this is the only time that he has personally witnessed the herd’s visit. So, as promised to his cousins and their elementary school group, he took pictures of the herd with a Flat Stanley print.



According to him, seeing the lovely family from his work spot was “a great distraction.”

At that time, he was editing concert footage for his job with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. So, having a few furry friends was definitely a fun way to spend the day.



“Throughout the day, as the moose changed lounging spots or walked away and came back, I’d go back to the window or the open door (the screen door was still closed), to take more pictures of them. They were oblivious to me most of the time (although their ears were up most of the time, so obviously they were alert).”


It turned out that the family had been in their yard for almost the entire day—nearly 11 hours. Rydstrom noted that although they took a few trips through the neighborhood, they made sure to return to their spots in the backyard. He also mentioned that a neighbor had observed the same family running along the road earlier that morning.



“If I’d taken videos early in the morning, you’d have noticed that the mama, in particular, was breathing very heavily. They needed rest, and I think they felt safe to rest here in our backyard.”


As the photos show, the family indeed found refuge in Rydstrom’s backyard. While they spent most of their stay lounging on the grass, Rydstrom also spotted them nibbling on plants. The curious calves also wandered around to sniff their patio furniture and decorations. In fact, one calf even accidentally knocked over a pot in its sleep!


“Note the smile on its face as it knocks over this pot. Sociopath.”


“And just like that, the marigold is knocked over and that baby pretends it didn’t have a thing to do with it…”



A resident from Anchorage, Alaska, Roland Rydstrom had a few uninvited guests crashing in his backyard



A lovely mother together with her two adorable calves!



Apparently, moose often visit their neighborhood, but this was the first time that he has personally witnessed the herd’s visit



A neighbor spotted the family running along the road a few miles from their neighborhood early in the morning that day



They must have been tired from all the running, so they decided to find a cozy place to rest in



The family spent almost the entire day lounging in the yard


At one point, mama even managed to feed her younglings!



After they’re done resting, they wandered around the yard to nibble on some plants


Of course, sniffing and taste-testing the patio furniture and decorations was also part of the activity!



It’s safe to assume that the family had a well-spent day over in Rydstrom’s backyard


Apparently, Rydstrom had another set of guests that day. Unfortunately, he was on the phone when they visited, so he wasn’t able to take photos of them.

“Another cow and her calves came running through the backyard near the end of the day. I could hear them running this way, but I was unable to get a video of them through this lounging moose family. The mama and her babies in my pictures jumped up and quickly ran after them. So there were two cows with four calves running through the backyards. It was a lot of action that I was just relaying to one of my friends over the phone.”


Here’s how the online community reacted to Rydstrom’s unexpected guests

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