‘Maltesers Biscuits’ Are Here And They’re Perfect For Dunking

So, you think Maltesers couldn’t get any better? Well, we bet you didn’t see these Maltesers Biscuits coming, did you? Yes, you heard it right! Our favorite crunchy treats are now in the form of biscuits. And we couldn’t actually ask for more, except for these two questions. How does this new version differ from the regular Maltesers balls? And where can we get them?

The new treats are essentially just Maltesers chocolate balls, only in a different form. Instead of the usual bobble shape, the new offering comes in the shape of ladyfinger biscuits. Each biscuit contains three crispy bobbles of airy malted milk coated in rich chocolaty delight that we love. Chocolaty and crunchy, these yummy treats are prefect for dipping in a cup of tea for that refreshing elevenses or threesies. Just like the product slogan says “Snap ‘em crunch ‘em love ‘em. Snap! ‘n’ share!” You can snap each bobble so it feels like you’re getting three biscuits in one. Or you can just dunk the biscuit into your cuppa and gobble it down whole. The choice is yours.


The new Maltesers Biscuits


So, on to the next question – where can we buy these delightful treats? The biscuits are available in Asda in 110g pack for £1.00. It is also available in a bigger 165g pack with more goodies to share for £1.99. You can find these crunchy treats in Asda stores nationwide or you can also purchase them online. Maltersers UK also announced through their official Instagram page that this new offering will be available at Tesco and Sainsbury in March. But why wait that long when you can have them now?











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Source: Asda