10 Images Showcasing Awesome Crochet ‘Dragon Gloves’ You Will Love

Even if you love winter, depending where you live it can get extremely chilly. And, most people don’t love the feeling of being cold! Therefore, it’s important to have the essentials for keeping warm, such as hats, scarves and a solid pair of gloves. Well, here we have a certain style of gloves with an awesome twist! They are designed to look like dragon scales, made from wool, acrylic and mohair, and, are 100% hand crocheted! Another bonus is you still have the use of your fingertips which is helpful for things such as using your smartphone. Check out some of the designs below!
Website: Etsy

Green and purple

Multi-tonal Grey and Brown

Brown, White and Grey 

Multi-tonal Red, Orange, Blue

Multi-tonal Grey, White and Red

Purple and Brown

Purple, Pink and Green

Green, Purple and Pink – White, Pink and Grey

Blue, Pink and White, different styles.

An example of a longer in length design.