People Are Now Tattooing Freckles On Their Faces

Beauty trends never fail to amuse and confuse us every single time. Remember back in the days when extremely thin eyebrows were a thing? Well, now, ladies and even some lads alike can’t go out of the house without full brows on. Indeed, makeup never fails to get the job done. But some still choose to go the extra mile just to have brows that are always on fleek. As such, some resort to getting tattooed or micro-bladed brows to enjoy lush brows that last longer. And following this fad, another trend emerges—freckle tattoos. Yes, you’ve read that right, and honestly, we’re quite unsure how to feel about that either.



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Apparently, freckles and even faux freckles are now officially a thing. Well, we have celebrities like Emma Stone, Lindsay Lohan, and even Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle to thank for this. These days, it’s not uncommon to see stars and fashion models flaunting their speckled faces. Freckles as an unattractive facial feature? Those days are certainly gone.

Lady with Long Black Hair and Freckle Tattoos on Face


Lady with Short Orange Hair and Freckle Tattoos on Face

In fact, even people without freckles are boarding the trend train by getting themselves some freckle tattoos. But if you’re not yet ready for that kind of commitment, we have an alternative solution for you. Just like on-fleek brows, it’s actually possible to achieve faux freckles through your trusty makeup products. To cop this look, you can turn to your eyebrow pencil or eyeliner for a little help. If you love the result and prefer a more lasting look, then “freckling” is the way to go.

Closeup of a Lady with Freckle Tattoos on Face


Closeup of a Dark Shade Freckle Tattoos on Face
Juliane Raposo

So, how does freckling work? Basically, it’s just like getting a regular tattoo. The only difference lies in the tool and pigment used. Instead of a tattoo gun, freckling uses needles to “poke” the freckles on the face. In addition, it uses a semi-permanent pigment that fades over time. Don’t worry if the finished freckled look seems dark, obvious, or unnatural at first. It will eventually lighten as time goes by to give you a natural-looking speckled face.

Lady Undergoing a Freckle Tattoo Procedure
Celina Natalie


Freckle Tattoos by Sydney Dyer Cosmetics

On average, this kind of semi-permanent tattoo lasts for about two years. Hence, you’re not going to be stuck with this look forever. But if you love it that much, of course, you can have it redone. If not, then at least you’ve experienced having freckles at one point in your life.

People are taking faux freckles to the next level by having them tattooed on their faces!

Lady with Black Hair, Nose Ring, and Freckle Tattoos on Face


Lady with Auburn Hair, Nose Ring, and Freckle Tattoos on Face



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