Put The Jaffa Cakes Down, A YARD Of Jägermeister Exists For A Tenner

How are you going to spend your holiday break? Why not reward yourself with something good and get yourself a YARD of Jägermeister? You heard it right. The world-famous digestive brand is bringing back its popular pack which contains 10 mini bottles for £9.99. Each mini bottle contains 2cl of our favorite liquor made with 56 herbs and spices at 35% ABV. We know what you’re thinking, the holiday just got merrier with this boozy treat.


yard of jagermeister long pack


The Jägermeister was spotted at B&M by Facebook page Money Saver Online and they posted the photo immediately. As expected, the good news got everyone excited and it’s only a matter of time before these packs disappear from the shelves. Unfortunately, B&M doesn’t offer the pack online so you’ll have to visit your nearest store to find it.

yard of jagermeister b&m
Money Saver Online

If you have lots of booze-loving friends, this YARD would make a perfect Christmas gift for them. Additionally, the mini bottles come in a long, branded box making it gift-ready. However, if you want to buy these goodies without getting up from your seats, you can get them here for the same price but with additional £6.92 for delivery. You can also buy the 2cl mini bottle here which is sold individually.


2cl miniature digestif


yard of jagermeister contains 10 mini bottles
Jagershop UK


2cl miniature bottles digestif
Jagershop UK

Go on, reward yourself with Jägermeister and spread the joy tenfold this Christmas season. Not just for its boozy effect, this popular German liquor is also known to ease digestive discomfort and coughs. Plus, it contains herbs that provide an extra boost of antioxidants. One Facebook comment said:

“If anyone has a really bad cough, this is what you need. Just sip it and it works a treat.”


Take a Look At Some Customers Who Already Have Their Jagermeister Yards








You can even buy some of these ready for NYE! Jägermeister is not just for Christmas.

Source: B & M | Amazon