Meet The Artificially Intelligent Robot Who’s Smart And Adorable


If you've been patiently waiting until the day you could have your own intelligent robot friend, the wait is almost over! Meet 'Musio', the artificially intelligent robot who's cute as a button. Musio comes with three brain options: simple, smart, and genius. In her most intelligent mode, she can hold natural conversations and learn right along with you. If you want more than just a robot friend, Musio can become your personal assistant, remembering meetings, helping reply to emails, and more, and act as a hub to control any and all smart home devices. This adorable little robot is also a great learning tool for kids. Musio isn't quite yet available on the market, but if you support 'AKA's Indiegogo' campaign, you could be the first to receive one of these robots, which will be ready to ship around June 2016! Check it out!
Website: Indiegogo






We suggest you check out this video to learn more about Musio!



Wow! We want one of these guys right now. June 2016 is too far away!

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