Kroger’s New Dragon’s Dream Ice Cream Is Toasted Marshmallow Flavor With Hot Chocolate Swirls And Candy Bits

Is there anything more magical than ice cream? The possibilities of this frozen treat are limitless and Kroger is definitely on a roll! Their in-house ice cream brand has been doling out plenty of fantastic flavors lately. Lovers of mythical creatures and candy-flavored ice cream sure have had their sweet tooth spoiled this year, with the creation of the Unicorn Swirl, Mermaid Sparkle and Ooh La Llama flavors. And now, Kroger is bringing their fantasy frozen offerings full circle with the Dragon’s Dream Ice Cream! And the ice cream’s actual flavor is just as whimsical as its name.

A green dragon that’s happily breathing fire guards the ice cream tub. The tail is wrapped around a rather humungous marshmallow that’s partially topped with fudge syrup on one side and candy bits on the other. And according to the label, this flavor will taste like toasted marshmallow ice cream with hot chocolate swirls and candy bits. This combination sounds absolutely cozy, which makes it a perfect treat to enjoy during these cool autumn days. But the thing that’s got us all curious is the ice cream itself – have you ever seen let alone tasted purple hot chocolate? Neither have we!

Dragon's Dream Ice Cream


Enchant your taste buds with the Dragon’s Dream Ice Cream from Kroger

Since the ice cream features a flavor profile inspired by hot chocolate, one would expect to see chocolate-colored ice cream in the tub. But that would’ve made this Deluxe Ice Cream too ordinary! Clearly, Kroger’s in-house ice cream wizards have outdone themselves this time! The toasted marshmallow-flavored ice cream joins Kroger’s super sweet lineup of fantasy-themed frozen dairy desserts. In case you haven’t heard, the Unicorn Swirl features a cake batter base; the Mermaid Sparkle variant, on the other hand, will satisfy your cotton candy cravings. Meanwhile, the Ooh La Llama ice cream offers fruity flavors.

It seems that Kroger has an offering ready to meet your sweet tooth’s wildest ice cream dream! They’ve got so many flavors available that you most likely won’t leave their store with just the Dragon’s Dream. The flavor has already hit Kroger’s freezer aisle, as Instagram user @tamisclock has already found it. Aside from Kroger, the ice cream is also available at Smith’s Food and Drug, so you won’t have to miss out on this fantastic flavor if there’s no Kroger near your house yet. Since there is no indication that this flavor is a limited-time-offer, we’re truly leaning on it being available indefinitely. Honestly the only way we can imagine eating this dragon-themed ice cream is by dipping it in liquid nitrogen so we can have that “dragon’s breath” effect while we enjoy it!