6 Food Related Ways To Cut Down On Snoring


There is nothing worse than trying to sleep next to a snorer. If you are the one doing the snoring, you're not very likely to wake up due to it, unless you have a medical issue. Many people underestimate the negative effects that chronic snorers have on themselves and their families. Often partners need to sleep apart and everyone's sleep is disturbed. Thankfully holistic practitioner Kevin Meehan has found that changing one's diet can significantly reduce and even stop snoring altogether. Check this list out below and give the snorer in your life some tips!  
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Turmeric is anti-inflammatory spice which can be added to drinks and meals to reduce snoring.



Having a spoon of honey before bedtime or using honey to sweeten hot drinks may also reduce snoring. It works when the honey soothes the throat thus reducing tissue size. It's also antibacterial too.



Peppermint tea is an awesome decongestant and regular tea works well to get rid of inflammation.



Onions are also a great decongestant and anti-inflammatory… perfect for stopping that awful snoring!



Try to swap fatty and tissue enlarging red meats for fish. Red meat is riddled with saturated fats and contains something called arachidonic acid which creates inflammation. Fish on the the other hand is an awesomely healthy source of protein. Another bonus is that it contains fatty acids which reduce tissue inflammation!

fish veg


Lactose intolerant or people who cannot take cow's milk and other dairy products can suffer from lots of phlegm, congestion and swelling if they keep on eating and drinking dairy-related foods. Switching to soy, goat or almond milk will rapidly reduce dairy product-related snoring.

soy beans milk

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