This Guy Crafted A Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter From An Old Saw Blade

We love Wu-Tang and we love pizza. God bless Youtuber Graz Makes for combining the two together. In one of his Youtube videos, the brilliant maker of all sorts of things showed how to make a Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

Wu-Tang Clan undeniably have one of the coolest logos in the hip hop music industry. No one could have predicted that it could be made even better. At least not until Graz Makes made a pizza cutter out of it. Now, that’s what we call a ‘cool innovation’. The inventive Youtuber was set on a new task when his wife asked for a pizza cutter. After getting an inspiration from a Chinese movie, he then went to Jimmy Diresta’s storage house where he found an old table saw blade. Then he went on this his own workshop to finalize the pizza cutter.

graz makes wu-tang pizza cutter


How Was The Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter Created?

Graz Makes thought that the logo’s ‘W’ shape would make a perfect pizza cutter. He first sketched the logo on the saw blade to guide him through the cutting process. Then he used a metal cutting bandsaw to shape the pizza cutter. After which, he sharpened one end of the ‘W’ for the cutter while the other end serves as the handle. Graz Makes outlined the handle so the fingers can have a good grip. Furthermore, the grip outline helps you distinguish the handle from the sharp cutter edge.


He then used a belt sander to grind the straight areas and shape the side round. After smoothing out the surface, he lets the blade heat up and fires up the forge. After quenching the blade in a container of corn oil, he tempered the blade in an oven before sanding both flat sides to remove any carbonization. He then proceeded with the grinding, buffing, and polishing of the pizza cutter.

If you also want to create your own pizza cutter from a saw blade, watch this video to help you get started.


Source: Instagram