Cost-Cutting Ways To Make Your Home Look Amazing From The Outside


There are so many publications, shows and websites which focus on the interior of our homes, we’d be forgiven for forgetting about the outside! Yes, you remember that messy backyard and all those overgrown plants and bushes? Now it’s time to sort that out and you can do quickly and, most importantly, cheaply with these 18 cost-cutting tips. Remember that first impressions last and if you want your home to give out the right first-time vibe to visitors, you need to read this! Take a look!

First things first, tidy!

untidy garden

Next hose the place down and clean all outdoor surfaces.

hose wood

Give the lawn a well-needed manicure and get rid of any old dead plants which are spoiling the view.

house lawn

Put down a welcome mat by the front door to make your home more inviting.

welcome mat

Landscape lighting makes your place look awesome at night!

outdoor lights

Everyone loves a white picket fence!

white picket fence

How about having a go at making your own porch swing? Instructions here.

porch swing


Upgrade your porch light by giving it a good clean and paint.

porch light upgrade


Make a simple lattice box to hide your ugly air conditioner.

lattice box


Painting your electrical box will make it look far more easy on the eye.

painted electrical box

Use ready-made panels to hide the foundations. This will instantly make your home look far better.

disguising foundations

Adding DIY window boxes is a nice touch.

window boxes

A few planters on the porch will look awesome!

porch planter

Update your old doorknobs by spray painting them.

door knobs

Have a go at painting your front door. You could even sand it down and stain it if you’d prefer.

painted door

A simple brick path leading up to your back door looks great!

brick path building

For that polished look, add a low brick wall around the edges of your lawn!

low brick wall


Add the finishing touch to your garden with some beautiful perennial plants which will come up every year without fail!

plants flowers

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