16 Remarkable Women Who Shaped The World


The past is full of strong women who helped shape the world into what it is today, but unfortunately the history books often don't focus on them as much as they should do and, in some cases we're sure, skip over them altogether. So, although there may be some remarkable women out there who we will never know about, let's focus on the ones that we do! The people over at 'Feel Unique' created this truly awesome infographic that focuses on some inspirational women throughout the ages. The timeline shows people who have helped to shape the world, from women who fought for the right to vote back in the late 1800s, to women who are still fighting for equal rights today. Of course, things have greatly changed for the better over the last 100+ years, but we're still not quite there. Let's take a look at these amazing women!
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16 remarkable women
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