Pizza Lovers Can Now Wrap Themselves Up In A Toasty Pizza Blanket

The holiday season is fast approaching. With it comes cooler days and much colder nights. Chilly nights make the perfect excuse to just stay in and enjoy binge-watching your favorite series. Unless, you know, the cold never bothers you. Sure, a cup of hot chocolate would keep you warm. But, of course, nothing beats the warmth and comfort that a good old blanket brings. And if you love pizza like just about anybody else, then there’s no better way to profess your love for it than with this pizza blanket.


Each blanket measures 152 centimeters or approximately 60 inches in diameter. Hence, it’s perfect for sharing with a loved one… or an actual box of pizza. Just imagine yourself wrapped up in a cozy pizza blanket while devouring a slice of freshly delivered pizza. Ah, this is what foodie dreams are made of! While you’re at it, why not get yourself this pizza night light? It’s the best way to send you off to slumberland after a night filled with pizza goodness.


There are countless other ways to put this blanket into good use. It’s multi-functional as the website suggests. As such, you may also use it as a floor rug, bed sofa dust cover, tablecloth, beach blanket, or picnic blanket. The website even suggests that it can also be used as a curtain. Well, we’re not really sure how that works, but do whatever satisfies your pizza-loving heart. In fact, you may also bring it to work in case your office is freezing cold. Plus, we know that you can’t always have pizza parties at work, so this blanket is the next best thing.



These blankets also come in burger, donut, cookie, cinnamon roll, and tortilla designs. Get your hands on all five other designs if you want to come home to comfy blankets and feel as though you’re always hosting a dinner party.

Get yours here.