You Can Get A Halloween Tree Complete With Pumpkin Base And Orange Lights

Gone are the days when decorative trees were solely reserved for Christmas. Likewise, they’re not just meant for jolly and festive holidays anymore. In case you haven’t heard, putting up spooky season-themed trees is now a thing. In fact, even crafts retailer Michaels has joined in on the fun with this six-foot pre-lit half artificial Halloween tree.

It comes with black branch tips and includes a string light with 200 bulbs. The bulbs glow orange, adding an eerie yet enchanting touch that’s fitting for the spooky season. Best of all, the tree features a bright jack-o-lantern base complete with a scary face cutout and orange lights shining from within. Indeed, this piece is perfect if you’re not looking to go all out on creepy décors this year. Nonetheless, you can always spook it up by adding some ghoulish trinkets like these jack-o-lantern string lights.

halloween tree


This six-foot pre-lit half artificial Halloween tree from Michaels features a unique jack-o-lantern base

Although you can always transform your existing Christmas tree into a haunted one, having a separate tree for a different occasion definitely sounds like a much better idea. Besides, it’s just impossible to resist its unique jack-o-lantern base, don’t you think so?

halloween tree jack-o-lantern base

More importantly, space wouldn’t be much of an issue with this half tree. Although it stands six feet tall, it features a flat backside, so you can easily store it for future use. At the same time, it’s easier to install, unlike conventional full-size trees. You can simply display it against the wall to save up on floor space.

Do note, though, that this spooktacular tree is an online exclusive. So, you don’t have to drop by a physical Michaels store to get your hands on it. And although the spooky holiday is still a few months away, something’s telling us that it will sell out in no time. So, place your orders as early as now before it’s too late!

Source: Michaels