You Can Relax On The Water With Everything You Need Thanks To These Huge Inflatable Patio Decks

Sometimes you just wish you had more space to have fun, right? This is why this inflatable patio deck is designed to give your dock, sailboat or yacht more room. It gives you a 15-feet by 6-feet extended floating platform off the side of your swim deck. With this extended platform, there will be more room for more people to lounge and relax off the side of the boat. You with your family and friends can altogether drift around on a lake or ocean.

This inflatable deck offers an ample 90 square feet of area that could comfortably handle over 2000 pounds of weight. It can easily accommodate up to 10 people with extra space for lawn chairs, coolers and inflatable pillows. This floating platform can be attached to the side of the boat to be used as a takeoff platform for paddle-boarding, skiing, wake-boarding and other water activities. Furthermore, you can also paddle the floating platform like a giant stand-up paddleboard where you can gently drift around on water.


This Inflatable Patio Deck Adds More Lounging Space On The Side Of Your Boat

inflatable patio deck

This inflatable deck is made from UV-resistant heavy duty PVC featuring exclusive heat welded drop stitch platform. The top surface is made from thick deluxe teak EVA foam which is non-slip and has a soft feel. Moreover, the surface is made to look like wooden boards to resemble an actual deck. It comes with a 15 PSI auto-set power pump that can inflate the entire water platform in 15 minutes. Additionally, it includes elastic bungees on the corner to hold the cooler in place. It also comes with 2 repair PVC patches, 8 D-rings for mooring, 2 D-rings for soft entry ladder attachment, 6 heavy duty carry handles, stow straps and an instruction manual.

inflatable patio deck 15-foot


water floating platform


water floating platform compact form


inflatable patio deck as takeoff platform

You can opt to add the inflatable pillow and soft entry ladder by purchasing these items separately. When fully inflated, the entire patio deck should measure 15 feet long, 6 feet wide and 6 inches thick. It deflates into a compact 42 inches by 22 inches foldable form which weighs 68 pounds for easy storage. If the 15 foot floating platform is too big for you, there’s a smaller 10 foot version that might just be right for you. One happy customer wrote:

“This float is amazing! When it says it’ll stay afloat with 2000 lbs on it, they are not joking! I’ve loaded on 7 guys, all in the 230 lbs plus range, and it has no problem staying buoyant! Is it expensive, yes but definitely worth it! So much fun!”

inflatable patio deck 10-foot


water floating platform smaller version


inflatable patio deck compact form


water floating platform 10-foot


water floating platform with optional pillow


water floating platform d-rings attachment


inflatable patio deck attached to boat


water floating platform attached between boats


water floating platform top surface

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