People Who Tried To Be Creative But Epic Failed

There’s nothing wrong with trying, in fact one must be willing to epic fail to be creative. But if your effort epically failed, we think it’s about time you change your perspective. People have different manners of dealing with failures. Some people easily give up when nothing’s going their way while some are willing to take risks despite multiple failures. So when do we know it’s time to give up? There are actually two types of failures. One is the acceptable fail which is necessary for success. And the other is the epic fail that doesn’t make any sense at all. If you make an epic failure, don’t embarrass yourself any further and move on to a different route. Unless you want to end up like these people who tried their best to be creative, but failed big time.



Putting a giant flamingo pool float on top of your car will get you into trouble.

Reddit | nickcolp

Why would anyone go into trouble of turning a pizza box inside out?

Reddit | roxxiea

We’re not quite sure if that’s what the sign is for. More importantly, we wonder where the person who used that wheelchair went to. Did he just stood up and walked away, leaving this wheelchair behind?

Reddit | CrashBlock

Let this be a lesson for everyone. Don’t settle for some complicated idea with uncertain outcome. Go with the simple and definite solution instead.

Reddit | 1736484

There has to be a reason behind this. Does it mean that when the kids are back to school, parents can finally indulge with these liquors?

back to school liquor people who epically failed

That’s the face you make when you were able to convince your Mom with a grave lie and it’s already too late to realize that there’s no turning back now. So you just have to ride along with it.


When there’s nowhere to throw your bong water away, you can just gulp it down instead. I’m just kidding, please don’t do it!

Reddit | bat968

Epic failures that will make you laugh hard



Experimenting on foods can be a hit or miss. Using blue Powerade for your pasta seems like an innovative move. And the outcome doesn’t look that bad. But what about the taste? I heard it was horrible!

Reddit | murtaza64

This is supposed to be a fun kids party but these creepy costumes turned it into a frightening Halloween party.

Reddit | Sinndex

Using your beard as a cup for your noodles? I don’t know about this but isn’t it more convenient to eat from a disposable cup than going into the trouble of washing your beard later?


This dancing zebra is actually entertaining and fun to watch. But I don’t know if the guys inside the costume feel the same way.


People often do stupid things when they are under the influence of alcohol. And this is one solid proof.


Learn to take some obvious hints. Doctors don’t blindfold their patients.


Plane aisle is definitely not for garbage. This is one of those moments when you just wish to throw a messy passenger out of the plane.

Reddit | MinecraftThugLife

How troublesome is it to just pour down the content of this bottle into the dispenser?

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