Weird Inventions For Women You’ll Struggle To Believe Exist

It’s great that in modern times there is such a huge variety in the products available for purchase. For some people, they might see an invention and think it’s utterly ridiculous, but to another person, they might think it’s pure genius. The same can be said for the weird inventions for women that are shown below! There’s no denying that many of these items are bonkers, but some of you might see the potential in them. Take a look, see what you think and let us know your opinions in the comment section below!  

Weird Inventions For Women

An anti wrinkle bandage…

We imagine these dust pan and brush slippers would actually be quite hard to use!

Electrifying face mask anyone?

This device is designed to give you more defined eye lids. 

With this napkin, you’ll never have to worry about what you look like whilst eating again! 

A mask for those days when you just want to hide from the world. 

This tool supposedly gives you a better nose shape… 

These LED eyelash strips will certainly draw attention your way… 

This strange looking mouth piece is designed to minimize wrinkles.

Save ‘time and effort’ with this 5 in 1 nail clipper device! We would be terrified to use this! 

Quickly dry all of your nails at once with this handy drying contraption.

This bra has a specific built in pocket for your phone.

This ‘walk and wash’ system allows you to clean clothes on the go! 

Low on funds but want to go out? This wine bra will help you to sneak some alcohol wherever you go!