Funny and Clever Desktop Wallpapers That Are Absolutely Cool

Clever desktop wallpapers can turn any ordinary computer experience into an awesome computer experience. A wallpaper may be just a simple thing for some people. But for people who spend most of their lives with their computer, a good wallpaper can make a big difference. Working 8 hours a day in a tedious office environment can be bland. For this reason, a boost of inspiration and amusement could certainly brighten up any boring day at the office. Besides, it’s good to change your wallpapers from time to time just for a change of pace. Check out these funny and clever desktop wallpapers that are absolutely cool. Perhaps you might get some inspiration to change yours.



A monitor screen can obstruct your view from the window. So why not put the view on the monitor screen instead?

supreme_meow / reddit

What is this magical thing? I can’t take my eyes off it!

unknown / imgur

You know you’re a total loser if you let some trash trample over you.


A well-organized office space makes work easier and life more convenient.

WalterWhitey / imgur

You can just leave them in the darkroom until they are fully-developed.


Morpheus is here to give you only two choices. What would it be?

Warner Bros.

Here’s someone to eat away all cookies from your computer system.

pdmcmahon / reddit

Computer screen wallpapers that will make you want to jazz up yours



All work and no play? Why not give them space to play? They also need to have a break from work.


Just in case you forgot again, let me point it out for you.

unknown / imgur

When you can’t get enough of monitor screens.

funny and clever desktop wallpapers
unknown / imgur

A red moon is cool by itself. But adding a planetary ring made of icons is much cooler.

Spork_You / reddit

Nothing new here, just another day at the office.

ckomni / reddit

That’s it, LeBron! Slam it down to the trash bin!

strawberryrocketship / imgur

Because a giraffe can’t fit in a single monitor…

turtledave / imgur

Poor Explorer can’t really get a break.

Wertson / reddit

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