15 Bad Life Hacks Suggested Online That People Actually Followed

Life hacks can be so useful for many things, but what about the bad life hacks that are just plain stupid? These days, the fastest place where we can get information and tips is the internet. Actually, we have been so dependent on the internet that we seek solutions to our problems online. Life hacks are popular online, especially nowadays when creativity and innovation are two of the most important things. But not all pieces of advice are sound. Some are just plain bad.

Here we have 15 bad life hacks suggested online that people actually followed. Because not everything you read online is true and beneficial.


A bad life hack we do not recommend! If you want to magnify your phone screen, submerge it in water.


Pretty sure this should not be used like this. Do not try this at home.


Who needs a $100k car with a wiper when you can do this?


When you believe a microwave could boil an egg, this is what happens.


Whoever said that this is the best way to clean your phone probably just wanted you to get a new one.

A looped GIF of a phone in water…


When you have enough plastic bottles at home.


Universal remote, anyone?

Tips found online that you WON’T want to try


Got an old fleece jacket? Why not cut the sleeves off and convert it into a gilet? Not a hack we will be trying anytime soon.


Mashing potatoes has never been this sporty.


When this guy used adhesive tape to repair water leaks. So bad.


When you just hate bumping into people in a subway. Or if you just hate people in general.


Don’t have a bottle opener? Use your seat belt to open a bottle of beer. By the way, don’t drink and drive.


When you follow this life hack that doesn’t even make sense. Why?


When you’re scared of losing your keys so you turn them into nose rings. Let’s hope you don’t lose your nose.


What on earth is even going on here? Totally useless.