15 Of The World’s Most Bizarre Restaurants

Imagine dining behind bars in a prison cell, with your food served by mock “wardens”. Or eating out at a place where the staff have been trained to be intentionally rude and snarky to the diners! Or how about chowing down in a place where all the staff, from bartenders to waitresses to chefs, are made up of sets of identical twins!

These are just three examples of bizarrely-themed restaurants, examples of which can be found all over the world. So if you like the idea of eating out with a twist, then read on. There’s something a bit strange to suit every taste. Take a look! 

Chillout Ice Lounge, Dubai.

Yes, the place is made entirely of ice! You eat off an ice plate at an ice table while sitting on an ice chair. Not for fans of beachside dining, perhaps, this is a truly bizarre concept that is pulling in the punters.


Fortezza, Medicea, Volterra, Italy.

This Italian fortress was converted into a high security prison in 2006. Inmates run a restaurant that is open to the public. It’s a roaring success! Bizarre!


Les Refuge de Fondues, Paris, France.

This restaurant serves only fondue. Not that strange a concept but add the fact it’s situated in one of the culinary capitals of the world, and that it serves wine in baby’s bottles, and the place starts to look more bizarre!


Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, USA.

The crazy place throws health to the wind. It is themed like a hospital, with waitresses wearing nurses uniforms. Names of the dishes include such gems as Quadruple Bypass Burger and the 1/2 Pound Coronary Hotdog. The vegan menu consists only of cigarettes. Classic!


Disaster Cafe, Lloret de Mar, Spain.

Imagine you were eating a meal, when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck. Well, you no longer have to imagine what that might feel like, thanks to this bizarre eatery. It simulates a big earthquake every night for its patrons. Truly weird!


Barbie Restaurant, Taiwan

Yup, you guessed it, everything in this restaurant is all about Barbie. Pink is the ruling color and even the chairs wear frilly tutus. If you’re a big fan of the classic doll, then where would you rather dine?


The Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant, Auckland, NZ.

This place is not so much bizarre as special, magical and unique. It’s tucked away in the forestry area of Auckland in New Zealand and its wonderful treetops setting is like something out of a fairytale. NB The restaurant is no longer open for casual dining, but you can hire the place for private functions.


Magic Restroom Cafe, LA, USA.

This one’s almost a bit gross. It’s certainly bizarre. You sit on toilet seats instead of dining chairs and your food is served in toilet dishes. It’s certainly an experience to write home about, that’s for sure!


Dinner In The Sky, All Over The Place.

Feel like dining 150 meters off the ground suspended by a crane? Then grab a dinner in the sky! 


Devil’s Island Prison Restaurant, China.

Once you enter this dining establishment, prepare to have your mug shot taken, as well as your fingerprints. You will dine inside a prison cell and be served food by people dressed in the black and white stripes associated with convicts. You can even be handcuffed during the experience if you want. Whatever floats your boat!


Dick’s Last Resort, Various Locations, USA.

Be prepared for service with a different sort of smile at Dick’s. Here the staff are trained to be wittily rude to customers and are actively encouraged to engage in sardonic banter with the diners. Luckily, the diners are just as welcome to be rude back. Yup, that’s bizarre all right!


The Elementary School Tavern, Tokyo, Japan.

Sit in a restaurant that looks more like a cute wee school. Eat and be reminded of the power of learning at the same time!


Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok, Thailand.

Just in case you were worried, the food here is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy! This strangely themed restaurant pays homage to the trusty condom, with condom-themed decor, waiters wearing inflated condoms as hats and condoms instead of after dinner mints. It’s a safe bet for a strange experience! 


O’Noir, Toronto, Canada.

One of the world’s first “dine in the dark” restaurants, this one’s a classic. Have all your other senses, including taste, heightened by the experience of eating in the complete pitch black dark. Awesome!


Twin Stars Diner, Moscow, Russia.

Here, it’s all about twins. All the staff, from the wait staff to the bartenders to the chefs in the kitchen, are made up of sets of identical twins. Truly bizarre!