These Carefully Cropped Instagram Photos Show Things Aren’t Always What They Seem


Rachel Chow, a student at Griffith University, has created a series of satirical images to show the truth behind those perfect Instagram photos that keep popping up in your feed. In this day and age of bitesized, often contextless, media, it's easy to think that everyone around you is living some kind of perfect life. Looking on Instagram, it seems that everyone is drinking kale smoothies for every meal, living in a spotless show home and relaxing on the beach in quiet solitude. However, most of the time you're only seeing a fraction of the picture… literally, as well as figuratively. Chow's clever images show the frame of an Instagram picture inside a larger photo, so that you get to see what's really going on, and it's not all rainbows and white linen, take a look!








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