Restaurant In Texas Keeps Putting Up Funny Signs That’s Getting People Coming Back For More

It’s rough day at work and you suddenly passed by a funny sign that somehow makes you feel better. That’s the power of sense of humor courtesy of companies who know how to whip up passersby with clever signs. One of which is El Arroyo, a popular Mexican restaurant located in Austin, Texas. Of course, this restaurant is well-known for its delicious Mexican cuisines. But in addition to their mouthwatering menu, El Arroyo is also making a name for its hilarious signs.

The sign, according to the company, is a kind of a big deal. Every day, El Arroyo unveils a funny message on their sign board that always draws a smile on every passerby’s face without fail. From pop culture references and clever pun jokes to satirical observations and motivational messages, the restaurant’s sign is definitely something to look forward to. And it’s working so well for them because people are apparently coming back to the restaurant just to read the sign. Whoever is behind these hilarious signs deserves an applause (and a raise).

Due to the popularity of their comical signs, they even made an Instagram page to showcase their witty messages. El Arroyo is also inviting the public to suggest their own original funny sign and send them to [email protected] Who knows? They might pick your suggestion and see it posted on their famous signboard. And you may also get a chance to win a gift card courtesy of the restaurant. We’ve picked out some of the funniest signs that will surely make your day


Funny Signs by El Arroyo


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Source: ElArroyo | Instagram