40 Hilarious Christmas Posts That Will Give You A Good Chuckle

Christmas is a time full of presents, eating lots of tasty food and spending time with friends and family. However, it wouldn’t be Christmas without laughter and if your holiday season was a little too serious then we have you covered. Check out these hilarious Christmas photos to see festive fun, Christmassy jokes and much more.

In this Christmas collection you will see some of the best jokes. There are also tacky Christmas sweaters, cats attacking the tree and other funny things that you would expect to see. You will even see posts that include people replacing pictures of their sisters with Vladimir Putin. All of these will make you feel jolly and happy if you weren’t feeling it already. Don’t forget to tell us which one is your favorite!

So, let’s take a look at some funny Christmas situations.

Vladimir Putin Joined The Christmas Celebrations


Funny Christmas Lights Were Spotted On A Street


“Grandma doesn’t like to be challenged”


“So, You Can Really Be Creative With Blocks”


“Where Can We Get One Of These Sweaters?”


This Dog Met Santa And Look How Happy She Is


“Zoom Out While Taking a Picture and You Can Create An Out Of This World Tree”


This Is A Lot Of Cookies


“This Christmas Tree Must Be Protected From The Dog”


Funny Last Christmas Song


“So, Who Doesn’t Love Socks?”



Family Twister At The Nativity


Dog Themed Christmas Tree



Dangerous Candy Cane


This Is A Clever and Christmassy Sign



“Sometimes Pranks Can Go Too Far…”


Hilarious Christmas Photobomb


Yes You Can!



Adult Life



This Is Harsh


“With a Box Like That They Will Never Guess”


“Would You Wear This Christmas Sweater?”


Edgy Santa With a Mohawk


“Why Not Send A Unique Holiday Card?”

Create Your Own Christmas Song


“Check Out This Unique Version of Rudolph”


Child Proof Christmas Tree


“Never Leave Your Uni Room Unlocked!”


“Cat Pretending to be an ornament”


This Is A Christmas Card for Those Who Live Alone


Funny Christmas Wants


“Such A Shame The Mexican Tree Didn’t Stay”


Harry and Marv Are Back For Christmas!


“So, This Is An Interesting Prop For A Wise Man”


“Finally, Who Can Relate To This?”