Odd Pregnancy Food Cravings Presented Like Gourmet Meals


It's widely known that during pregnancy, women can be at the mercy of food cravings. Sometimes these cravings are "weird" to say the least… and sometimes, the poor woman feels like eating something that is not even food! Like burnt matches, for instance. Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus runs a very interesting website, where pregnant women can submit recipes of their strangest cravings. Each recipe is tried and tasted (yup, even the "Medley of Soaps" you will see below) then photographed as though it was a fine dining meal. You can submit your own recipe at EatingForTwo. You can also try the recipes out if you wish, although this is at your own risk! Check out some of the weirdest dishes below!
Website: eatingfortwocookbook


Steak and ice cream.


Orange sushi with a tomato sauce glaze.


Mashed potato with caramel sauce.


Ice cream and chili sauce.


Bean and cream dream.



Gherkin cocktail.




Choc-olive cake.


Oreos and toothpaste.


Bacon Mars Bar burger.


Burnt matches.


Medley of soaps.


Sausage and jam.

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