While On Lockdown James Decided To Create A Tiny Restaurant For Animals In His Yard

Love animals? If your answer to that question is yes, then you’ve probably tried feeding free-roaming critters in your neighborhood at some point! But James Vreeland’s tiny restaurant for animals is changing the game and winning hearts everywhere. Yes, that’s right – this man from Detroit decided to spend some of his quarantine time to make a cozy, picnic-style restaurant complete with picnic tables, a pergola, a reception counter and a surrounding picket fence! And as if that wasn’t enough, Vreeland also crafted a fancy albeit totally critter-friendly menu for his diners.

Picnic table-style squirrel feeders aren’t exactly new. However, the concept of a tiny, fancy dining space for animals? It’s practically unheard of! And beyond adorable. Vreeland even went out of his way to give the tiny restaurant a fancy French name: Maison du Noix, which literally translates to The Nut House. Clever? Check! Funny? Check! Awesome? Double check!




James Vreeland created a tiny restaurant for animals where the critters can dine in style

Maison du Noix serves critters of all types. Vreelands proudly shared that they count squirrels and blue jays as the restaurant’s regulars. The restaurant offers an array of munchies for their guests such as a seed medley, peanuts on the full shell, house-cut bread sticks and counter-softened apples. These food options are perfectly suited for the critters. It’s fun to imagine that Vreelands runs out every time a customer approaches the tiny restaurant, but that isn’t the case. All the food items are presented in neat bowls in every table.


“The squirrels and blue jays have been loving it.”




The tiny restaurant is located at Vreeland’s lawn


“The response from humans has been pretty great with people stopping all the time to take a photo or watch the frenzy.”





Vreeland’s feeding idea for animals is absolutely adorable and more importantly, helpful. With people having to stay indoors these days, a lot of urban critters may be having a hard time finding food. So it’s certainly awesome that people are thinking of providing for their cohabitants during this time!

Source: James Vreeland