10 Bizarre Things That You Might See During A Russian Winter


Winters are no joke in Russia. They're long and unfathomably cold! But, the people who live there don't let it get them down. They'll carry on business as usual, but in some cases, it's more like unusual! We've collected ten weird and wonderful sights that you might see during a Russian winter. To say that these photos are bizarre might be an understatement! Check them out and see for yourself!


Snow 'Tetris' is pretty much a national sport in Russia.


Sometimes the stop signs are too icy to even read…


…But, it's fine because the snow drifts will stop you anyway.


Selfies are a little bit different from what we're used to!



As soon as the sun's out, it's time to catch some rays. Even if that means getting on the ice!


The fact that hot tubs are more like cold tubs never stopped anybody!


Water skiing is very different, compared to the traditional way!


The Russian army have some bizarre team-building activities!


It's never too cold to ride around with the top down.


And, sometimes you spend your day hanging out with a bear!

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