Simple But Creative Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids During Winter

When winter arrives, it can be harder to think of things to do with your kids. This can be super frustrating as most of us know, children can get bored pretty easily! Well, here we have a list of simple but creative ways to have fun with your kids during winter. There’s so many awesome projects here to keep your little ones entertained and they’re pretty fun for grown ups too! Take a look and see which ones take your fancy!

Cardboard Sleds

You don’t have to shell out big bucks for a sled. Plus, if you’re not used to snow, you might not even be able to get to a store! Use some cardboard and duct tape to fashion your own awesome version! Here’s some helpful tips.

Car Decorating

If your family has quite a few cars (or even just one) have some fun creating characters like in the image below!

Cardboard Dome

Using these instructions, you could spend some quality time with your kids building a cool dome!

Hot Chocolate Experiment/Trick

If you’ve got some soda, vinegar and hot chocolate lying around, blow your little one’s mind with an awesome trick! Details here.

Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons

Melt down some chocolate in a cup and dip some plastic spoons inside. Let them cool slightly then top them with chocolate chips, marshmallows or nuts! Chill the spoons, then once your ready to dig into a hot chocolate, dip your spoons in and stir! Further help here.

Indoor Camping

If it’s too chilly outside but your kids love camping. Why not let them pitch up a tent inside? You could even make a fake fire!

Rainbow Snow

Using just a spray bottle, some water and some food dye, you can create rainbow snow that looks great!

Rainbow Snowman

Using the same spray bottles, you could even make a colorful snowman!

Maple Snow Candy

This is super easy to make and lots of fun! Find the instructions here.

Snow Globes

If you want to replicate the snow globes below, you’ll need some jars, glycerin and some photos. Further help here!

Snow Lantern

We can’t wait to make one (or five) of these! Simply pile up some snowballs then add a lantern in the center before adding the final balls.

Cinnamon Snowflakes

Using tortilla wraps and some cinnamon, you could make these awesome snowflakes!

Soap Bubbles

Soap bubbles react to the cold! Experiment with your little ones.


Using water bottles and glow sticks, you can create awesome ‘lanterns’ that look really cool!