Oliver Winery Has Created Blueberry Moscato Just in Time For Spring

Moscato wine is the latest talk-of-the-town among wine enthusiasts. And we can’t help but wonder what this hype is all about. This low-alcohol, fizzy wine is famous for its semi-sweet flavor with a fruity note. It also goes by the name ‘dessert wine’ due to its sweet palate profile. If you’re looking for a fruity wine that allows you to relish the blooming spring, Blueberry Moscato is definitely a must-try.

Oliver Winery, the largest and oldest winery in Indiana, is also famous for its line of sweet wines from great fruits. The wine manufacturer offers a wide range of fruity flavors to choose from. Some of their popular products include Cherry Cobbler, Apple Pie, Peach, Strawberry, Red Lime, and Blackberry among many others. In addition to this magnificent collection, Oliver Winery came up with Pilot Project. This project aims to feature experimental wines and makes them available in a tasting room for testing purposes. One of these experimental wines is the Blueberry Moscato which features deep, flavorful blueberry juice blending in perfectly with Moscato’s tropical character.



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Blueberry Moscato – Oliver Winery’s Best-Seller

Out of all the wines under the Pilot Project, Blueberry Moscato became the best-selling flavor in the winery’s tasting room. Due to the overwhelming approval of the consumers, the Blueberry Moscato was ‘graduated’ from the Pilot Project. And was later ‘moved up’ to the Vine Series Collection alongside best-sellers Oliver Moscato and Cherry Moscato. From then on, it has been upward spiral for the Blueberry Moscato as it continues to sell well. Moreover, it became a Double Gold medalist under the Fruit Blends category in the 2018 Indy International Wine Competition.


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Summer is just a sip away ???

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Make the spring season more blooming and welcome the summer with a refreshing embrace with Oliver Winery’s Blueberry Moscato. Order it now online for only $12 or buy it from retail stores in 26 different states. This easy-to-drink pink wine will surely become your new favorite.
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