Funny Reasons Why Being Married Is The Best Thing Ever

People often make jokes about marriage sending relationships down the drain. People supposedly let themselves go and the initial love and happiness fades away. Whilst this is true in some cases, these sorts of jokes give marriage a bad name because there are so many wonderful things that come with being joined in matrimony. Here we have just a few of these reasons in picture format that show why being married is the best thing ever!

When you see something that reminds you of your partner’s toilet habits, snapping a picture is a must!

This couple were so in sync that they accidentally got each other the same gift. Adorable!

When you’re desperate to get your other half to remember to take their lunch!

You may think you are looking at a checkered floor pattern. You are not! The white spaces are the result of cleaning ‘half’ of the floor to prove a point. That is some serious dedication!

Sometimes in life, you have to compromise. So, when your wife wants a dog but you aren’t too keen… say hello to Cooper the puppy!

Customized labor shirt. Win or fail?

Things can get out of hand so quickly in a marriage…

A beautiful and heart felt poem that’s also hilarious.

When your wife says you can’t throw things away, what do you do? Hang them on the wall, of course!

When your calendar makes you reevaluate your life…

The best thing to do during a heated argument? Take a selfie against your husband’s will!

Here we have a support group for partners who have been dragged to go shopping.

After 41 years of marriage, this couple still have a blast together.

Hopefully the sweetness at the beginning of the note makes up for the sour end!

Without getting too soppy, these images have really warmed our hearts. Everyone knows that marriage isn’t always a walk in the park and keeping a relationship happy can be tasking at times. But, it’s great to see all of the varying ways that these different people show love towards each other.

We think it’s worth noting that so many of them revolve around humor, which we feel is hugely important when it comes to sustaining a relationship. Being able to make someone laugh and smile really is a wonderful feeling.

Well, this is interesting!

This man has been married for 62 years. He will still pull out his road atlas to prove his wife wrong. Brilliant!

Behind these notes is one adorable wife.

What could happen if you give your husband free reign over the guest bathroom…

Brutal, frustrating and absolute genius!

When your spouse doesn’t want a cake but you decide to ignore them…

A husband’s attempt at making his wife feel better on her birthday. As you may have guessed she was pregnant at the time!

Having a cat is great because there’s no need to argue about who turns the light off.

When your wife is home vs when your wife is away!

The outcome of asking your husband to pack you a lunch. We laughed so hard at the fruit placement!

The person responsible for this image asked their wife where the eye drops were. Her response was ‘in the bedroom on the TV stand under the light switch slightly trapped between the wall’.

When you’re told the passcode is your anniversary… uh oh!

When your husband challenges you to fit inside his suitcase, there’s only one thing you can do… accept it!

Sometimes you have to make it clear what’s yours.