There’s Transparent Phone Cases With Fried Chicken Attached

From being simple phone protectors to becoming fancy little works of art — phone cases have truly evolved. In other words, they are becoming instruments to express oneself. So, it’s no surprise that you would find some funky cases out there. Some are even edgy. While others are chickeny… By that we mean a fried chicken phone case.

So, aren’t you a food lover? If you are, and you do love fried chicken, then this phone case’s grip is just right for you!

Now imagine yourself holding on to the unique grip instead of just an ordinary circular disk. Wouldn’t it be more fancy to stabilize your grip this way? Yeah, it looks very realistic. We hear you — it’s jawdropping, right?

Fried chicken phone case

fried chicken phone case amazon

It can stylize and personalize iPhones 5 through X.

You see, the case itself is translucent with holes just right for your phone’s volume rockers and the charging port. It’s also lightweight! Another good thing is that it has outer edges that help protect the screen from shattering oh so badly.

chicken leg case

chicken wing case


chicken iphone case

Here’s just a warning. The chicken holder itself in the fried chicken phone case may not be that stable and secure. It does look really real, but one reviewer noted that it just popped off after some use. Well, what about just using gorilla glue to fix it?

Now, are you interested in getting this fried chicken phone case? If you are, then hurry! It only has limited stocks to offer. Yep, and it’s really cool.