15 Things You Never Noticed About Things You See Every Day

There are so many things throughout our lives that we interact with on multiple occasions yet fail to see their details. This could be anything from not spotting something on a TV show or failing to see the hidden quirks within a logo. Here we have a list of things you never noticed before. Some of them are pretty hard to spot so you won’t feel too bad about them but others you’re sure to hang your head in shame at how obvious they are! Take a look and see how oblivious you have been! 

things you never noticed bar

Scar from ‘The Lion King’ Appears In Hercules

Most of us aren’t afraid to that admit we cried when Scar from ‘The Lion King’ mercilessly caused his brother Mufasa to fall to his death. Well, thankfully, it turns out that Scar met a grizzly end of his own. 

things you never noticed scar hercules

Disney movies often relate to each other and here we have a fine example of foreshadowing. This is one Disney death that we aren’t going to waste any time mourning!

The LG Logo

The ‘LG’ logo pretty much looks like a winking face that forms the initials of the company name, right? But, if you tilt it slightly and shift the ‘L’, you end up with Pac-Man!

things you never noticed LG logo pacman

We love logos that have a bit more to them than first meets the eye as they show that a bit of thought and creativity has been put into them. Plus, who doesn’t love Pac-Man?

Jerry Seinfeld’s Door

For those of you who are fans of ‘Seinfeld’, you’ll know that Kramer would often burst into Jerry’s apartment unexpectedly, and quite forcefully! 

things you never noticed jerry seinfields door

So much so that the door ended up getting quite a battering! The numerous instances of barging in took its toll and left the poor door with an unsightly bottom. It’s safe to say that Jerry’s door deserves some tender loving care. 

Honey Nut Cheerios

Honey Nut Cheerios have a rather brilliant design. Unfortunately, it’s not often that cereal boxes are displayed like this as that would take up far too much room. So, it would be easy not to notice the way they awesomely connect. 

things you never noticed honey nut cheerio boxes

The person who was responsible for this design deserves a pat on the back for doing their job brilliantly! We firmly believe it’s the little things that make a difference and these boxes really catch our eye. 


Here we present another cool logo that beholds something you might not notice at first glance. Of course, the main thing you are drawn to is the large smiley face that takes up a fair lot of the space. 

things you never noticed goodwilll logo

But, if you look at the ‘G’ for ‘Goodwill’, you’ll realize that it uses the same smiley face that is pictured above! That’s pretty neat! 

Minnie’s Dress

Now, you might say that those who have spotted this ‘thing’ have dirty minds. But, really it’s not difficult to see what Minnie’s dress resembles. This isn’t the first, or singular, Disney related thing spotted that has sexual connotations, which is slightly worrying! 

Things You Never Noticed minnie mouses dress

Are the adults who are planting these things trying to amuse other adults, or, do you think things like this are genuine mistakes? If there weren’t so many of them, we could let one instance go. But, we have to admit we think this was intentional! What makes this image even worse is the fact that Mickey’s button sort of looks like thumb wrapped around the ‘dress’. 

Gregory House Was A Fan Of Stephen Colbert

So, depending on how good you are at spotting things, you may have noticed that a certain comedian made an appearance in the hit TV show ‘House’. Now, he wasn’t really in the show personally, but it seemed that Dr. Gregory House had a soft spot for Stephen Colbert as he had a framed picture of the guy on his desk! 

things you never noticed stephen colbert

Whilst an explanation for this would be interesting, we quite like it when TV shows throw in random, and sometimes meaningless, things for people to spot. 

USB Cord

USB cords are something that millions of us use on a daily basis. They do their job (hopefully) and we don’t pay much attention them. However, upon closer inspection, you might find that your USB cord resembles something…

things you never noticed usb stick head is a duck

The head of a duck! Whilst not everyone will be able to see the similarities, we can and it did make us laugh a little. Quack Quack! 

The Office Diploma

‘The Office’ has a huge fan base that just love Michael Scott. Some of you may have spotted that there is quite often a diploma hanging up on the wall in his office. You would probably make the assumption that it was a college degree or something along those lines, but, you would be mistaken.

things you never noticed the office certificate for time piece

It’s actually a certificate for a timepiece and not achievement related at all. To be fair, we weren’t surprised at this revelation whatsoever. It’s a very Michael Scott thing to display! 

Dexter’s Laboratory And The Big Bang Theory

Most 90’s kids who had access to the Cartoon Network TV channel will have known of, and most probably been a huge fan of, ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’. For those that aren’t familiar with the show, it revolves around a genius young boy who battles to get things done when surrounded by his annoying sister and average parents. 

Things You Never Noticed dexters laboratory

You may have also gone on as an adult to watch the hit show ‘The Big Bang Theory’. These two shows might not seem similar when you first think about it. But, actually, The Big Bang Theory was created based on the cartoon. 

Things You Never Noticed the big bang theory

Once you are told this, similarities start to show. For example Leonard’s likeness to Dexter and Penny’s likeness to Dee Dee. 

Jurassic Park

The ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise is without a doubt an incredibly popular one. You may recall a scene captured in the image below where a raptor is on the hunt for some humans and it moves in front of a projector. 

things you never noticed dna sequence jurassic park

It looks like there is just a random bunch of letters projected on to the raptor but actually they are a DNA sequence. Interesting!

Super Mario

We’ve got a few Super Mario things coming your way that you may not have noticed before. To begin with, we want you to think back to the game ‘Space Invaders’. If you look at the overalls that Super Mario wears, you’ll realize that they are the exact shape of the aliens that are used in the game. 

Things You Never Noticed super mario

Next up, we see you’ll most likely be aware that throughout all the levels of Super Mario you will see various clouds and bushes. If you actually compare the smaller green bushes to the clouds, you’ll find that they are the exact same shape and design simply in a different color. 

things you never noticed super mario mountains

Smashing those coin boxes are pretty vital to the game. You earn points and have the possibility of getting a power up that helps mini Mario to become Super Mario! Many people seem to be under the impression that Mario head butts the coin boxes, but actually he fist bumps them. Take a look at the GIF below if you don’t believe us!

things you never noticed super maria bricks


Crayola has been around for many years now. Some of you will remember using their products as a child. You might even find that your kids still use them, too. Yet, after all this time, there’s still something that many people fail to spot when it comes to the packaging. The window underneath ‘Crayola’, which shows off the contents, is shaped like a smile! 

things you never noticed crayola box