Times People Realized Their Grandparents Were Cooler Than Them

It’s easy to look at our adorable grandparents during their elder years and forget that they were once young. Also, many people change as they age, becoming more serious for example, so it can be hard to imagine our grannies and grandpas as a certain way in the past! However, some people have super cool grandparents whose earlier achievements outshine them by far. Take a look below to see some brilliant examples… 

This couple swapped clothes with some pretty amusing results! 

This guy was clearly the king of cosplay back in the day! 

Imagine giving Einstein violin lessons! Awesome! 

This is a photo of someone’s grandfather exiting their plane after it was shot down…

F.B.I Academy photo. This guy worked as a spy recruiter during the cold war!

This talented lady was not allowed to join the army due to being female. So, she put her skills to good use and taught men how to fly instead. 

‘Grandma sent me a photo of my grandpa at my age to make me feel bad’

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That is one fine looking… fish…

This badass photo was eventually displayed at this lady’s funeral.

This cool guy stole the car photographed from the Nazis! 

What a beautiful animal! 

‘My great grandfather showing off one of the horses he trained for WW1’

Skills! They both look very calm and collected! 

Riding on the wing of a crop duster plane!