There’s Alcohol And Soda Candles That Smell Just Like The Real Thing

If you love booze to the extent that you want your home to smell like intoxicating liquors all the time then these alcoholic drink candles are for you. Indeed, there’s something about the scent of alcoholic drinks that some people find so irresistibly captivating. For them, the yeasty smell of alcoholic liquors is the manliest type of scents in the world. In fact, there’s a whiskey-scented bath soap that makes you smell like whiskey after every bath. But not all booze lovers are into whiskey.

Some prefer beer, some are into rum, some love brandy, while others would go for tequila or wine. Thankfully, you can now have your room smelling like your favorite liquor with these alcoholic drink candles.

alcoholic drink candles beer brands

Etsy store 716CandelCo specializes in creating scented candles that look and smell like some of the most popular liquor brands. Coors Light, Fireball, Jagermeister, Captain Morgan, Jim Beam, Jameson, Southern Comfort, Heineken, Budweiser, Jose Cuervo, Skyy, Stella Artois, Jack Daniel’s, Hendrick’s, Old Milwaukee, and many more.

alcohol and soda candles

These booze-scented candles are made with 100% soy wax from American grown soybeans to guarantee longer burn time. Each candle is infused with unique scent to fill in any room with an amazing smell. Furthermore, each hand-poured candle comes in a recycled can or bottle from the specific brand that it’s made to smell like.

Choose from a wide range of alcoholic drink candles

alcoholic drink candles hard liquor edition


alcoholic drink candles coors light


alcoholic drink candles jagermeister



alcoholic drink candles jose cuervo


These alcoholic drink candles will surely turn your Man-Cave into an ultimate haven where you can bask in the smell of your favorite booze. You certainly don’t want to get out of your cave anymore. Not a fan of booze? Don’t worry, 716CandelCo also has other non-alcoholic scented candles to offer.

jagermeister candle

If you’re into soda cans then we’re got a lot of choices in store for you. There’s Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Diet Coke, A&W, Dr Pepper, Sunkist, Fanta, Orange Crush, Hawaiian Punch, and many more.

Soda can scented candles are also available

soda drink candles coca-cola


soda drink candles mountain dew


soda drink candles aw root beer


soda drink candles orange crush


dr pepper soda candle

Check out the entire collection of available alcoholic drink candles and soda cans candles to choose your scent. If your favorite beverage isn’t on the list, you can drop a request custom order to the seller to specify your desired brand. Get ready to light ‘em up and escape into your own paradise with these beverage-scented candles.