Costco Have Launched Its Own Line Of Vodka Ice Pops And They’re Only 100 Calories Each

Costco has a pleasant surprise for all lovers of sweets. It’s the Kirkland Signature Vodka Cocktails Ice Pops! Don’t you feel excited about it?

When we discovered that Costco has been selling Skinny Freezers, our day immediately brightened up. Those were the vodka martini ice pops. Now, though, the company has a new line of boozy ice pops! Perfect!

The Kirkland Signature Vodka Cocktails Ice Pops actually have three flavors. And they’re all fruity!

costco kirkland signature vodka cocktails ice pops
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So, they got Watermelon Hibiscus, Lime Drop, and Strawberry Freeze. If you’re concerned about caloric info, each ice pop contains 100 calories or less. It also has 8% ABV. So, it’s just the same as the Skinny Freezers.


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One Instagram user @aleezma posted a picture of the vodka ice pops. According to the photo, the vodka ice pops would come in a container with 18 pieces — all with their share of the varying flavors. So, if your local Costco would sell alcohol, just be sure you’ll be keeping an eye on these Kirkland Signature Vodka Cocktails Ice Pops!

Ready to catch some more summer feels? Costco is luring us into it.