The ‘VisionVenture’ Camper Van Is Basically A Luxury Apartment On Wheels

If you’re literally a happy camper, chances are the idea of life on wheels excites you more than anybody else. However, we all know that space can be a great issue when living in a motorhome or a camper. An new concept by VisionVenture addresses all campers’ need for space by transforming typical RV into a luxury studio apartment on wheels. Introducing the VisionVenture Camper Van!

The VisionVenture Camper Van gives us a taste of what modern van life could be like in the year 2025. Built on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, VisionVenture features a futuristic design that maximizes the base van’s large interior. The interior can also extend to create a second floor. This houses the pneumatic pop-top roof that stores a bed large enough for two people. For safety and convenience, this camper also includes an actual staircase that doubles up as storage cabinets.


So, What Makes the Van so Great?





The main floor is wide enough for a kitchen, a bathroom, and a lounge area. This camper is really all about creating space and using it smartly. For instance, the bathroom has a rotating vanity and a rolling wall that transforms the toilet and sink into a shower in an instant. If you find the kitchen area a bit restrictive, there’s also a fold-out patio for you to show off your culinary skills.





German manufacturer Hymer has collaborated with chemical company BASF in developing this state-of-the-art vehicle. The company’s official website states that the VisionVenture—

“combines the pioneering spirit and innovation of Hymer with more than 20 innovative materials from BASF in order to offer a forward-looking response to current and future industry trends.”

Furthermore, the company designed the VisionVenture camper with its customers in mind, as President of HYMER GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Waldsee, Christian Bauer notes,

 “A major source of inspiration for this project was the camper community, who have given us new impetus with their creative ideas and DIY conversions.”

One of the stand out features of the VisionVenture is the ultra-resilient paintwork. Equipped with BASF’s Chromacool technology, this regulates the surface temperature of the vehicle. The army green finish also gives the van a distinct look versus the class white colour of other motorhomes. Likewise, its 3D-printed wheel arch panels give it a more robust appearance.

Overall, VisionVenture’s design and cutting-edge technology are what truly makes it the camper van of the future.


Watch this video for an exclusive virtual tour of the Camper Van

Source: Hymer