Kids Will Loves These Cute Camper Playhouses This Summer

In this modern era where kids are glued to their gadgets, the essence of outdoor playtime and physical activities seemed to have been disregarded. One of the most effective ways to get them to play outside is to build them a beautiful playhouse. While you’re at it, why not make them a camper playhouse that would let them experience glamping in the comfort of your backyard?

Just like outdoor physical activities, it’s also important to teach them the importance of camping. And this playhouse will give them the best of both worlds. It offers a great option for your kids to play in the outdoors. Plus, it is based on the 50s style stainless steel campers to give them the feeling of actual camping. This tangible construction features two levels of play with an outside ladder leading to the second floor. If you’re ready to build this DIY playhouse then the first thing to do is to purchase and download the plan to get you started.


Camper Playhouse Plan

diy camper playhouse plan

The plan for this is brought to us by Paul’s Playhouses, a company that offers the best playhouse plans. You can opt to buy the plan in digital format (PDF) or in physical format which will be sent to you through mail. The plan contains 43 pages of easy-to-follow instructions, framing details, lumber list and hardware list. Simply download the plan, acquire all necessary materials and tools, and start building the ultimate playhouse.

kids camping playset details


paul's playhouses happy camper playhouse plan


diy camping playset wood lumber


camper playhouse

The playhouse should measure 14 feet wide, 6 feet deep, and 7 feet tall. It has five window openings, each shed window measures 18 inches by 27 inches. With the second floor included, it provides a sufficient playroom area of up to 64 square feet. The comprehensive plan also includes instructions on how to build the external ladder that leads to the upper deck. It also includes instructions to build a rock wall that they can use in place of the ladder.

diy construction plan for kids camping playset


diy construction plan camping playset interior


diy camping playset sample

If you want to protect the interior from damage caused by harsh weather, the company recommends the use of a rubber-based coating before you paint. Also take note that the rubber tire and the interior furnishings shown on the pictures are not included. In other words, it would be up to you to furnish and decorate the playhouse according to your kids’ liking.

camper playhouse construction


camper playhouse sample


diy camping playset exterior

Source: Paul’s Playhouses