You Can Now Get Cinnamon Bun Flavored Spread – DREAM

Our favorite neighborhood grocery store has captured the essence of autumn and put it in 10 ounce jars! Establishments may have already begun decking their halls in anticipation of Christmas, but let’s not forget that it is still officially fall. Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Bun Spread is certainly serving us what we love about the fall season! During this time of the year, the aromatic fragrances waft in the air, pumpkin spice lattes are the must-have drink and our pallets are treated to zings of spice-infused food. With this spread we can also now enjoy our favorite sticky sweet cinnamon filling on anything, anytime!


Trader Joe's Cinnamon Bun Spread
Trader Joe’s

Per the superstore’s official release, they’ve “taken the best parts of a cinnamon bun and put them together into this singular spread”. I think we can all agree that we look forward to the gooey goodness hiding inside the bun. So naturally, we’re super psyched that we can now make new food combos with this new spread!


Trader Joe’s spread is autumn in a jar


We’re practically drooling at this new product. But we don’t have to wonder how this delectable seasonal item tastes. Someone from Reddit perfectly summed it up. The Redditor wrote, “It’s like someone took the innermost part of a cinnamon bun, made it caramel and then made it kiss with a Toaster Strudel filling.” Doesn’t that just sound so good?!

To ensure its tastiness, Trader Joe’s supplier only makes the special spread in small batches. Ground cinnamon and vanilla extract are added into melted butter to create the base. Afterwards, the mixture is sweetened with real cream, honey and brown butter. As a final step, Tapioca syrup is added into the mix to thicken and prevent the crystallization that sometimes happens with honey.


It was an instant hit


An Instagram account dedicated to documenting the grocery chain’s new releases introduced the product to its followers. After that, other foodie accounts followed. Thanks to its Instagram exposure, the spread immediately became a hit to Trader Joe’s customers.

If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you then you can get it on Amazon here.

There is no wrong way to enjoy this cinnamon bun spread

People got really creative with the way they consumed the spread too. Some spread it over waffles, toast and pancakes. Others made strange combinations like adding it to oatmeal and yogurt. Now these combinations may sound strange but after taking a minute to really think about it, we also kind of want to try it out. This spread is a breakfast food, a dressing, a topping and a snack all in one!


Additionally, Trader Joe’s shared a hot tip for the spread’s fans. According to them, you can heat it up for around 20 seconds so you can drizzle it all over some ice cream or whatever it is that you want to smother with cinnamon goodness! A 10-ounce jar of Trader Joe’s spread retails for $3.49 in-store or you can get it on Amazon.