These Volkswagen Bus Succulent Planters Have A Hippie Vibe To Them

Most of you probably weren’t even born when the iconic Volkswagen hippy van took over the streets. Yes, those were the days when fun and comfort are way above sophistication, in fashion, music and even automobiles. Relive the 60’s by adding this Volkswagen Bus Succulent to your interior. This cute planter comes in the shape of the classic VW Minibus which is widely recognized as the ‘hippy van’.

If you’re a huge fan of VW then you might want to add this succulent planter to your collection. For now, you probably have the Soundwagon Record Runner and the VW Cooler that are both inspired by the iconic camper van. And if you’re looking for more VW-inspired collectibles then this hippie planter is perfect for you. The planter itself features a mini hippy van complete with the V-shaped front, split windscreen and multiple windows. It also has a flowery design on each side to complete the hippy look.


Volkswagen Bus Succulent Planters

volkswagen bus succulent planters

The hippie-inspired planter is really cute and all. But we’re about to get to the best part yet. This planter, as the name suggests, comes filled with brightly colored succulent plants, trimmed with moss. This is actually one of the few planters that has the plant included with it. No need to plant seeds and wait for the plants to grow. You can immediately display it anywhere straight out of the box. The charming succulents come beautifully arranged on top of the minibus planter, along with its pair of smiling eyes to melt your heart.

volkswagen bus succulent


hippy van inspired planter

The planter itself (without the plants) measures 6.5 inches long, 3.75 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. It is available in Green and Yellow colors. This Volkswagen Bus planet is fun décor for home or office. It also makes a perfect gift for those who love succulents and classic cars. One happy buyer wrote:

“Darling VW filled with colorful succulents. Sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face. Highly recommended!”

hippie-inspired vw planter

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Source: Etsy