40 Photos That Show A Pair Of Googly Eyes Makes Everything 10x Better

Even the most boring inanimate object can come to life, and you don’t even need magic to do it. How, you may ask? Simply: stick a pair of googly eyes on it and watch it come alive. Well, it seems like this has been a trend for a while. A lot of people are putting these little plastic crafting doodads on almost everything. From cactuses and veggies to trash bins and appliances, placing a pair of fake eyes on these things really makes them look better.

It’s really amusing how a pair of cartoonish eyeballs can give everything a new breath of life. Indeed, a pair of googly eyes have the potential to transform even the most mundane thing into a funny and sweet creature. These small plastic capsules with a loose black disk inside are sold as kids’ crafts. However, millennials found a new way to use these whimsical items to induce laughter. They were able to transform ordinary things into wide-eyed friendly creatures by just sticking a pair of jiggly eyes on them.


A Pair Of Googly Eyes Bring This Magnetic Clay To Life

People are now getting more and more creative with their choice of objects. Even their pets have fallen victim to the popular gag. Public statues, posters, books, magazines, you can find googly eyes on almost everything. And we’ve got to admit, the hilarious makeover really makes these things look more exciting than ever. We’ve compiled a list of funny pics showing ordinary objects getting the googly eyes treatment.


“Is It A Cat? Is It An Elephant?”


“New Exotic Animal Species”


“I Don’t Think My Coworker Has Noticed Yet”


“Keurig, Say ‘Ahhh'”


“My Coworker Keeps On Placing His Foot Under Our Divider, So I Added Some Googly Eyes. LOL”


“When The Teacher Asks For Your Homework That You Didn’t Do”




Eyebombing Horror Movie Poster


“So. Whatcha Doin?”


“Just Making My Lunch”


“Giant Eyes Are The Best Birthday Present I Ever Got”


“Fancy Hair”



“Hello Ladies”


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“This Is What Bored Dads Do”


“It’s The Nose Wiggle That Gets Me”


“Feed Me Letters!”




“We Meet Again, Señor Banco”




“Spotted At NC State, They Look Horrified!”


“The puckered “mouth” of the chayote squash is just asking for googly eyes!”


“The First Thing I Did With My Giant Googly Eyes”


“Smiling Tree”



“Put Some Googly Eyes On My Pregnant Wife’s Belly”


“A Really Sad Trashcan”


“The Third Eye”



“My Roommate Was Creeped Out For A Solid Week”


“The Noble Raptor”


This One Is Just Grate


“Meet My Fridge. His Name Is The Chef”


“Violently Ill Pie”


“Apparently Putting Googly Eyes On The Portrait Of Jesus My Parents Have Is ‘Not Funny’ And ‘Blasphemous.'”


Googly Eyes


“Happy to be at the orthodontist!”


“Gotta Vent Somehow”


“My Local Pet Store Was Vandalized”


“Everyone Should Put Googly Eyes On Their Door Knobs. Lol”


Water Fountain


“I Am Fire! I Am Death!”


“A Horse Is A Horse Of Course, Of Course…”


“Happy Hyundai!”


“Oooh! I Didn’t See You There!”



“At The Lab…”