Electric Vespa Re-imagines Classic 98 Italian Vehicle

History isn’t just a recollection of past events but is also an inspiration to guide the present and the future. Several classic movies are being remade and countless classic songs are being revived. These are some of the few proofs on how history could still make an influence to the present. And the automotive industry is no exception to this. Just take a look at this new Vespa model Vespampere. If you’re a fan of scooters, you’ll probably find that this electric scooter has a striking resemblance to the Vespa 98. Well, you’re not mistaken. Italian industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti got the inspiration from the 1946 Vespa and links this classical concept with contemporary design.

Classic Vespa Revamped

The leading scooter manufacturer recently introduces its first line of electric scooters, in addition to its traditional gas-powered models. This led to a more compact and slimmer scooter designs. Iacchetti was able to slim down the bulky Vespa 98 by removing its lateral side panels. But he remains faithful to the original features such as the cantilevered seat and the front circular headlight. To add a touch of modern technology, he incorporates the classic model with built-in smartphone holder. And it isn’t just a simple phone holder because it can also recharge your phone while you’re on the go. You don’t have to worry about driving in the rain because it also keeps your phone protected from harsh weather.










To further accentuate the wonder of technology, it allows you to use a wireless app to access the speedometer, fuel gauge, and lights. Furthermore, the designer brilliant integrates the turn signals into the rear-view mirrors for better visibility.

They say that most remakes are a far cry from their originals. But that’s not always the case. Iacchetti was able to make the Vespa 98 come alive through Vespampere. But he made sure that the revamped version has a lot more to offer.

Source: Giulio Iacchetti / Instagram