Confusing Differences Between British English And American English

It goes without saying that different countries have different words for different things. But, logically, you would imagine countries that speak the same language would more often than not use the same words. The UK and the USA prove that this isn’t always the case. Americans and the British have many variances of the English language and to this day people still get confused. Here we have some interesting comparisons brought to you by ‘Grammar Check’. Take a look!
Website: GrammarCheck

You’ll notice many of the comparisons use words and phrases that both make sense. However, some others are totally strange. For example, why call a bag a pocketbook? And, it’s also interesting how Americans often remove a letter, for example the difference between ‘travelling’ (UK) and ‘traveling’ (USA). Luckily, most of these words would never cause a life or death situation, but they could definitely cause an amusing confusion! 

We would love to see a video of a British person and an American going through this list, showing their reactions and discussing their thoughts. It would be interesting to see which words they think suit better and which they would argue are terrible! Wouldn’t life just be a hell of a lot easier if we all spoke the same language and used the same words? Then there would never be any confusion! That would probably be a little boring, though. 

It was over 400 years ago the British explorers brought the English language to the New World and since then much has changed. So, which side are you on? The British or the Americans? Who do you think uses the English language in a more logical way and who is putting the great language to shame? Keep going to see the final set of comparisons and then let us know your opinions in the comments section at the bottom of this page! Who wins, you decide!