Funny Reactions From People Who Got Engaged

Getting engaged is often one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. It means spending the rest of your life with that special partner. Some people eagerly await the special question, whilst others are blown away by the unexpected surprise. Either way, it can be totally wonderful. However, not everyone’s experience runs without a hitch. Here we have a list of funny reactions from people who got engaged! Take a look, prepare to cringe and feel free to share any of your own engagement related stories in the comment section below!
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Some secrets are worth keeping. 

Some things just take you so totally off guard, you become speechless!

Well, that escalated quickly! 

This situation had the potential for two very different endings! 

Nerves are so unpredictable! 

This experience will never be forgotten! 

This is the sort of thing that worries us. You can never truly know that no one is watching you! 

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Oh dear! What a disaster. 

These two were clearly very much on the same page! 

One of those ‘word vomit’ moments!

Hopefully it was a good surprise?

Haha! This one really made us chuckle. 

Damn those unpredictable bodily functions!  

Sorry but… we cringed!