Funny Life Hacks That Are So Bad They’re Good

Life is full of bothersome obstacles that make living so difficult and challenging. For this reason, why not try some funny life hacks to make your life livelier and more amusing? People have been sharing useful hacks to help other people solve everyday problems. But not all helpful tips you find on the internet are as effective as the others. Some life hacks may seem stupid at first but they are actually useful. If it looks stupid but works, it isn’t stupid. In the end, it entirely depends on your choice. Take a look at these funny life hacks and decide whether to give it a try or not. But regardless of their efficiency, these hilarious hacks will absolutely tickle your funny bones.



Something to keep you warm in cold weather while keeping you from starving at the same time.

While most of you are hitting the gym to achieve those abs, these guys find the easier way to achieve it without sweating it out.

Holding a plastic cup is tiresome. But not when you make an improvised holder such as this.

Thanks for clearing that up because we can’t shake off the idea that some asteroid will come smashing through the earth if we press that button.

Just in case you want to ruin a Thanksgiving dinner for whatever reason, you can drench the turkey in blue energy drink.

This may look awkward but having your head leaning on a stranger’s shoulder is more awkward.

We really do hope you’re making the right decision here.

Hilariously bad advice


If only Uno cards also work in real life…

There are better ways to sterilize your beauty blenders than putting it in a microwave.

Now you know the secret to stripes nail art.

Don’t forget to grab the popcorn before you run out the house.

Submerge the egg in a hot coffee and let it stay until it’s cooked. Voila! Breakfast on the go!

It only takes a marker to repair worn-out tires, see?

He can keep his eyes on you because he’s a lifeguard, it’s what they do.

Water has a lot of benefits to your phone. You can use it to magnify the screen if the text is too small for you to read. And you can also use it to cool down your phone if it overheats. Most of all, you’re nuts if you believe all of these nonsense.